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Case study: Axpo, within the Observatory Greening the Islands, brings its expertise in electric car sharing to small islands

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Axpo Energy Solutions, an ESCo that is part of Axpo Italia, is working to reduce to zero the impact of electric car sharing in Rome.

As part of a partnership with Share’ngo, a leading Italian car sharing operator and the only one in Italy to run free-floating electric car fleets, Axpo has installed charging columns and wallboxes in the garages and car depots of the operator. The charging systems supply certified energy, produced exclusively from renewable sources. To date, Axpo supplies Share’ngo 62 green energy charging points.

The model applied in the Italian capital, which is also being studied in other Italian cities such as Genoa, could soon evolve: in its plans, Axpo is thinking of making the charging points installed at the pick-up points of the electric car sharing system open to all. In Rome, moreover, Axpo has presented an e-mobility infrastructure development plan to the city administration for 80 recharge points, which would be a significant percentage of the overall programme envisaged by the council.

Within the Greening the Islands Observatory, Axpo (Gold Member for the three sectors: energy, water and mobility) is studying the application of the electric car sharing experience in the small islands.

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