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October 19 @ 11:00 - 12:30


Hybrid energy storage systems as a growing solution for islands’ decarbonization

In cooperation with EASE & EUROBAT

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Energy storage is key to enable higher penetration of variable renewables retaining excess energy and ensuring grid efficiency and stability. In the medium/large-scale framework, hybrid storage systems are a growing solution due to their ability to simultaneously exploit the advantages of different technologies. Such as in the case of battery-battery (e.g. lithium and lead) or battery-non-battery storage technology (e.g. fly wheel systems). They also can help reduce the use of conventional generators (such as diesel generators, widely used in islands) and therefore lower the provision costs.

This webinar aims to offer an overview of the pool of technologies available and their benefits for island utilities, offering examples of successful applications. Though creating a grid that can handle a hybridization with different programming according to the peaks generated by the variable renewables brings both opportunities and challenges. In fact, to manage hybrid systems the utilities need efficient batteries and control software, but also upgraded policies and regulations to support hybridization at both the plant and grid levels. Alongside assessing the technological maturity and lower costs of such a solution, its market’s potential and progress will be examined to identify the most suitable mechanisms for island utilities with respect to the provision of system services, de-rating, financial risks and contract length.

As a best practice for enabling policies, the Italian Minor Island Decree will be presented by the National Authority for Electricity (ARERA). This envisions a specific remuneration scheme for renewables systems on islands, funded through the savings generated by a reduced diesel provision.

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11.00   Introduction & Moderation

  • Attilio Piattelli – Senior technical specialist, Greening the Islands


11.10   Presentations – Hybrid energy storage systems: technology and market

  • Francesco Gattiglio – Director EU Affairs & Policy at EUROBAT
  • Jacopo Tosoni – Policy Officer at EASE
  • Andrea Galliani – Deputy Director of Wholesale Energy Markets and Environmental Sustainability, ARERA – Italy case study: Minor Islands Decree
  • Marina Montero Carrero – Technical Lead of the Clean energy, EU island secretariat
  • Antoluca Loteta – Head of Distributed Energy and Energy Communities @ Innovability Enel X

12.00   Round table with the speakers

12.30 End of the workshop



October 19
11:00 - 12:30
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Greening the Islands