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October 20 @ 9:00 - 10:30


The importance of Circular Economy in islands to ensure environmental and economic sustainability: strategies for the management of organics and plastics. In cooperation with Zero Waste Europe

In cooperation with Zero Waste europe

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The global agenda on Circular Economy is posing new challenges, yet disclosing new opportunities for islands: as a matter of fact, better on-site management of resources and reduction of waste may reduce the need for shipments of waste, thereby generating savings.  Sustainable management of organic waste is at the intersection of various angles of environmental sustainability: not only does it ensure a remarkable diversion from disposal, but also it restores organic fertility in soils, which in turn fights desertification, ensures sequestration of carbon in soils, thereby fighting climate change, makes agriculture and afforestation viable, and makes islands more resilient towards erosion, floods, landslides, etc. Also, proper management of organics, which are a largest part of municipal waste, and particularly in tourist areas given the large contribution by catering services provided by hotels, restaurants, may imply operational and economic optimization of waste management. As a matter of fact, recycling of organics may be done on site and also through small-scale initiatives, which remarkably trims the volumes of waste to be shipped elsewhere.

Also, the global agenda on plastics is increasingly emphasizing the importance of reuse and reduction in order to curb leakage of plastics into the environment. Coastal communities and islands are the most impacted ones by plastics leaking into oceans, which not only impacts beauty of local landscapes, but also harms fishing activities and threats the health of communities. Policies and practices to reduce plastic consumption and leakage, are therefore of primary importance to ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability in islands.

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09.00   Introduction & Moderation

  • Ana Fernández Iglesias – GTI Circular Economy Specialist


09.30   Setting the scene

  • Enzo Favoino – Scientific Coordinator, Zero Waste Europe (ZWE)
  • Institutional Representatives

09.20   Presentations

  • Representative Region Sardinia – (Regional strategies for sustainable management of organics: how Sardinia became a global leader in circular economy)
  • Fictor Ferdinand – Director of Operations – YPBB (Zero Waste Indonesia) (Small-cale, low-tech programmes for the management of organics in Indonesia)
  • Zana Kontomanoli – Clean Blue Paros (Pilot programmes to promote reusables and reduce single-use plastics in the Cyclades)
  • Raphaelo Villavicencio – Program Manager, Mother Earth Foundation/Miko Aliño – GAIA Asia Pacific (The role of the Break Free from Plastics global network and activities in Asian Islands and Coastal Areas)
  • Representative Kerkennah Island


09.50 Round table with the speakers

10.25 Q&A

10.30 End of the webinar



October 20
9:00 - 10:30
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Greening the Islands