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Study fully online or blended for a Master by Research or PhD in Islands and Small States Studies

As of October 2022, the Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI) at the University of Malta is offering an online/blended Master by research in Islan...

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Why the Dutch embrace floating homes

Faced with worsening floods and a shortage of housing, the Netherlands is seeing growing interest in floating homes. These floating communities are in...

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Japan’s Lucky Island Shows the Hidden Effects of Rising Sea Temperatures

Global warming is already changing Iki, the first place in Japan to declare a climate emergency, and residents face some stark choices. The clear, sp...

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Roger Léron Award 2022: Let’s celebrate Energy Efficiency Leaders

The Roger Léron Award is coming back in 2022 with a new focus: Energy Efficiency Leaders. Do you know a local/regional pioneer with a vision for h...

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The tiny islands leading the green transition

Small island communities have often been pioneers for sustainability and climate action. Are they a snapshot of a greener future, or a distraction fro...

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Island states meet to discuss suing Global North over climate change

A new alliance for climate reparations is seeking compensation from wealthier countries for loss and damage Leaders of small island nations met on Tue...

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The remote Shetland Islands are a surprising leader in the race to net zero

 Shetland, a group of islands off the coast of Scotland, is doing what we should all be doing: working with not against nature. It is making the most ...

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Climate change: IPCC report warns of ‘irreversible’ impacts of global warming

Many of the impacts of global warming are now simply “irreversible” according to the UN’s latest assessment. But the authors of ...

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GTI Report to be introduced in 2022 as key resource for islands and corporates

In 2022 GTI deepens technological scope with the Observatory and Academy, strengthens geographical focus in the e_Convention Malta, February 3 – All t...

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Countries, like the Seychelles and Belize, with coastal blue carbon ecosystems are increasingly looking to the ocean for climate change and business solutions. Credit: Joyce Chimbi/IPS

Blue ocean solutions for climate resilience and accelerated development

 Nairobi, Kenya, Dec 22 2021 (IPS) – Seychelles’ 115 islands are an exotic ocean ecosystem of beaches, coral reefs, and unique plant and animal ...

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