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Greening the Islands Conference in Palermo

Global Index measures progress of islands towards a sustainable future

Greening the Islands show the results of a test on two islands of new measurement system of environmental health. Greening the Islands Awards recogniz...

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CPMR_Greening the Island

A multilateral ‘Islands Structured Dialogue’ with EU institutions to support islands green development

EU Member States need to consider the islands needs and recognise their crucial role as laboratory for the transition to low-carbon future. The Confer...

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Observatory Greening the Islands Meeting: identified the priorities of the energy-environmental transition plan of Favignana

A preview of Brigantes project for the transport of goods by sail was presented. Leggi il testo in italiano Favignana, 30thMay 2019 – During the Green...

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GTI Observatory member Helgoland calls for legislative changes to support its zero-emission ambition

The German island of Helgoland, after implementing various sustainable projects, is looking to take a big role in pioneering new innovative solutions ...

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Germany’s Helgoland island calls for legislative changes to support its pioneering role in sustainability and zero-emission ambition

Municipality of Helgoland and Greening the Islands Observatory identify new set of innovative projects in wind energy, water cycle and sustainable tra...

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Testatina observatory Helgoland

From the Med to the North Sea: GTI Observatory turns its sights to Helgoland Island (Germany)

Following a visionary gathering in Crete, the Greening the Islands Observatory is heading for a dramatic change of scene, travelling to the North Sea ...

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CPMR and Greening the Islands sign crucial partnership to enhance sustainability of islands

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) and its Islands Commission (IC) have announced a crucial new collaboration with Greening the Isla...

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A productive collaboration begins with a dominant goal: to become Crete zero-emission island in 2030

Greening the Islands Observatory & Crete Region will involve Crete population in a new green growth strategy Heraklion, Crete, 05 March 2019 &#82...

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GTI Roma

Sustainable tourism is key to island development: eco-friendly tourists would increase revenue but reduce human impact on islands

First projects identified for members of the Greening the Island Observatory: Egadi archipelago, Crete and Borocay (Philippines) Charter of Rome signe...

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GTI Roma

Il turismo sostenibile è la chiave per il rilancio delle isole: con i turisti ecofrienly aumenta il fatturato e diminuisce l’impatto sulle isole.

Il Senato approva una legge quadro che stanzia 170 milioni di euro per progetti di valorizzazione delle isole. Firmata la Carta di Romaper promuovere ...

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