The Greening the Islands Awards gives the opportunity to identify and make known innovative and replicable projects in the field of sustainability.
All the islands’ administrations of the world are allowed to participate with projects related to the following categories:

– Renewable energy and energy efficiency
– Sustainable mobility/transportation
– Water
– Waste

Projects that illustrate cooperation between islands are also qualified. Admission is free.

How to register

Registration for the competition is made by completing the registration form bellow.

Please, also attach CO2 saving documentation and 3 photos of the project as indicated in the form.

Important: Indicate the name of a contact person and his details, for any questions concerning the projects.

Deadline: 7th October 2019

Malta - Awards 2015
Canary Islands - Awards 2016
Favignana - Awards 2017
Minorca - Awards 2018

Evaluation criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.
The quantitative criteria specific to the CO2 savings calculations, in absolute terms and in relative terms, and based on the number of inhabitants will be considered.
The qualitative criteria relate to the ecological and economic value added, transferability to other islands or common areas, the degree of innovation, involvement and public awareness.

The Jury will evaluate the projects not only based on the level of environmental awareness and the degree of innovation in the regions of reference, but it will also consider the benefits that the project will bring to the area and also the replicability and potential for the development of future project.

Presentation of the awards

The Greening the Islands Awards will be given to islands with the best projects in each of four categories:

–  Category “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency”
–  Category “Sustainable Mobility”
–  Category “Water ”
–  Category “Waste”

An overall outstanding award will be given to the project that includes more categories, promoting the synergy between sectors, and that has accounted for oustanding CO2 savings.

Prizes for the winners

– Presentation of the project during the Awards Ceremony as part of the International Conference “Greening the Islands” that will include the presence of international press.
– Award prize “Greening the Islands Awards 2019”.
– Permission to use the “Greening the Islands Awards 2019” logo on all printed and website materials.

Minorca - Awards 2018
Minorca - Awards 2018


General Information
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Project Objectives:
Project description of activities and specific interventions:
Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:
Economic value added and how calculated:
Ecological and social project outcomes:
Detailed explanation of the submitted photos:
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