GTI Observatory invests more on digital to support the islands’ economy

Greening the Islands, focused on the sustainable development of islands since 2014, reinforces its observatory digital tools to support health, environment and economy of islands in such an emergency and prepare a restart in a more resilient and sustainable way.

Giving voice to the problems of all the islands’ companies and create a link with the institutions, facilitate the debate to disseminate ideas to mitigate the impact, help them understanding the possible scenarios and addressing a sustainable development. These are the targets of GTI with the digital tools of its observatory.


Collecting information on the situation, needs and suggestions in the coronavirus time

Survey addressed to:

the islands’ companies to understand and collect relevant information on what are they living, in terms of reduction of the business, consequences on people, etc. as well as needs and suggestions to reduce the impact.

The results will be elaborated and disseminated through the different GTI communication channels to join the voice of the islands’ economy and bring it to the attention of the related institutions at national and international level: EU, UN, World Bank, etc.


Understanding what is happening, possible scenarios, how to restart being more resilient and sustainable

Webinars topics:

  • How the islands are living the moment: comments on the survey results, opinion by island government associations, testimony of mayors of islands and islands’ companies.
  • Financing aid: EU and other international institution funds, best practices of government aids to companies, etc.
  • Scenarios of a new economy: a new way to operate in an healthier and safer environment in harmony with nature. The opinion of the economists.
  • Innovative solutions on circular economies to make the islands more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

GTI e-convention

A zero-emission virtual event that facilitates the involvement of top worldwide expertise and reach a wider global Audience.