9th edition of the

Greening the Islands eConvention
International Conference and Exhibition

The GTI eConvention is the global event dedicated to the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide. For 8 editions, it has confirmed as an opportunity for islands stakeholders such as governments, utilities, innovative solution providers, academia and others to connect and share their experiences through a digital platform, match island needs and sustainable solutions, and face common challenges building consortia for national, regional and international tenders.

Last year’s edition drew on the lessons learned by the GTI Observatory and, in particular, on how global policy and finance need to sit at the same table with sustainable technology and with joint efforts become drivers for islands’ sustainable growth and unlock their potential as laboratories for innovation. In the opening of the new edition of the GTI eConvention, the GTI Observatory will present its first Report, culmination of its work across the sectors of the island circular economy.

The GTI eConvention promotes private-public partnerships and cover all the 17 SDGs of the 2030 United Nations Agenda with a specific focus on the needs of islands communities.

Most technological solutions are replicable in many islands worldwide, while policy frameworks and financing mechanisms are often specific to regions. Thus, as a new feature, the 9th edition will have a regional focus to analyze the main challenges in 4 macro areas with the involvement of local partners.

The 4 regional workshops will be: renewables and regulatory frameworks in the EU and Atlantic Ocean, water cycle in the Caribbean, sustainable tourism in the Indian Ocean, and decarbonization in the Asia-Pacific region.

The conclusions and the potential solutions identified during the event, will concur to inform the final position paper produced by GTI to bring a stronger islands’ voice at COP27 raising attention around the most relevant themes.

The 8th edition of the GTI Awards, previously scheduled in the context of the GTI eConvention on Friday October 28th, is postponed to February 2023 at the 1st GTI Observatory Summit, hosted by the Government of Gran Canaria.

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