The GTI e-Convention will be a Global Event
running from 24th to 26th November,

followed by the European Forum taking place on 27th November 2020.

Register now to attend the several online events taking place on 23th - 27th November 2020.

Two different registration are required!

The first registration is dedicated to the global three days’ event focused on technologies (24-26 November 2020).

The second registration is dedicated to the European Forum deepening EU policies and new regulations on energy storage to accelerate the sustainable transition of islands (27 November 2020).


Can’t make the live event dates?

Register for the event, and we’ll send you the replay link after the event.

If you can attend live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to speakers and interact with other participants.

Please complete your registration today to ensure you get the tickets, receive the latest updates, access to the live sessions, scientific materials and copies of the recordings!


Registration is FREE, but entry ticket are limited, so reserve your spot now!