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Greening the Islands is an innovative organization that has created an ever-expanding network of public and private entities, committed to reach the self-sufficiency, sustainability, resilience and a better life for the inhabitants of islands and remote locations, matching needs and solutions enabling cooperation between local authorities, business, citizens and academia through national and international conferences.

Greening the Islands is engaged in the dissemination of best innovative and sustainable solutions for islands, involving local communities and creating value.

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Being sponsor of Greening the Islands initiatives means to be part of a community entirely devoted to the islands and have the opportunity to give visibility to your brand and your business solutions addressed to a selected target of decision-makers involved in the process for a transition toward the sustainability of islands and remote locations.

Sponsors are entitled to participate to forum, webinars and online conferences, new application, reaching a broader audience.


Thanks to Greening the Islands, you have the possibility to spread your innovative solutions, your products and your specific initiatives for the islands to a focused target.


Sponsoring Greening the Islands event gives you the great chance to be connected with governments, institutions, public administrations, investors, company’s expert in this sector, industrial associations, universities and research centers operating on the islands, committed to implement projects focused on the promotion of the insular circular economy.


The wide range of communication channels, adopted by Greening the Islands, offer you a broad choice of communication methods to your target – from the newsletter dedicated to the islands, to the Greening the Islands website, from an app created specifically for the islands and customizable according to your needs, to national and international conferences whose focus is the sustainability and the innovation of the islands.

Communication Channels


GTI App is an innovative platform designed to spread and support the replication of sustainable projects in the islands in the world and in remote locations.

The application allows you to create a network of stakeholders working in sustainable innovation in the energy and environment sector in islands and remote locations: companies that produce innovative technologies, investors, local governments, institutions and media can finally talk to each other. The digital tool is unique and can easily reach the stakeholders of several islands in the world.

The “community of the Islands” is enriched by specific facilities: special news, live streaming, webinars and forum dedicated to the islands.


The latest news and best practices in the world of small islands and remote locations are promoted through portal, a specialized update website dedicated to the actual situation of the islands with particular attention to the following themes: energy, sustainable mobility, water, waste and sustainable tourism and circular economy. The web site is accessible not to the public and private scientific sector, and also to the inhabitants and supporters of the green islands.


A monthly newsletter dealing with specific issues related to the islands, with a focus on best practices and current events from around the world sent to thousands of professionals, institutions and public administrations.

Tailor-Made Sponsorship

To optimize the company’s involvement in initiatives related to the activities proposed by, we offer the opportunity to choose from four categories of sponsorship, together with some additional sponsorship opportunities.

Platinum Sponsor:  € 15.000,00 + VAT 22%

Gold Sponsor:  € 9.000,00 + VAT 22%

Silver Sponsor:  € 4.500,00 + VAT 22%

Bronze Sponsor:  € 1.500,00 + VAT 22%

Greening the islands sponsor opportunities

Bronze Sponsor: n. 1 free registration + any additional registration with 20% discount on the official registration fee.

Silver Sponsor: n. 2 free registrations + any additional registration with 20% discount on the official registration fee.

Gold Sponsor: n. 3 free registrations + any additional registration with 20% discount on the official registration fee.

Platinum Sponsor: n. 4 free registrations + any additional registration with 20% discount on the official registration fee.