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Movitz electric ferry

General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Sweden Population: 10 million  ( 1,5 million in stockholm) B

This picture is a synthesized map with individual data on each island: area, rainfall, distance to mainland (km and time), the census population and the the human pressure of residents, seasonal residents and visitors re-calculated into a “technical population” number, how much water the island needs and how much is produced, and how much water the project partners estimate could be saved each island in percentage.

Water Saving Challenge Project

General information Island (Region, Province, Country): Sein and Houat in France, Tilos and Itahaka in Greece, Vis an

Aerial View Bardzour is divided in two main parts. The ground-bases solar farm of 8.4 MWp is located on the no-man’s-land surrounding the prison of Le Port. These lands, who were previously unused for security reasons, are now valorized and help greener the city.

The second part (on the lower part of the photo) is constituted of Agrinergie® greenhouses of 0.6 MWp. These anticyclonic photovoltaic greenhouses maximize valorization of the land (agricultural + electrical production) while promoting greener practices, through renewable energy and permaculture. They also secure the production by protecting the crops from weather instability, frequent in La Reunion.


General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): La Reunion, France – Indian Ocean Population: 843 617 Budget

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.