Energy: Starting a successful renewable energy business as an entrepreneur


General information:

Island (Region, Province, Country):


Budget / cost of the project:
Initial investment SCR 500,000

Project objectives:
To provide the population a source to invest in renewable and energy efficiency products

Project description of activities and specific interventions:

Entrepreneur, Richard Hoareau, founded Energy Solutions Seychelles (ESS) with his belief in the effects of climate change and the need to help people contribute to a better world. Energy Solutions Seychelles Ltd company is 100% locally owned and operated. ESS is established in the local market as a trusted supplier by providing turn-key solutions in both renewable energy and energy efficient products, such as LED lighting, solar thermal hot water and energy consultation. ESS believes in the capacity building of a new industry in renewable energy here in the Seychelles. ESS has always had a strong emphasis on education first approach, which has help them lead the market and grow year after year. ESS is not just a product delivering company, but one that places their clients first with a solution that is beneficial to all.
At ESS they are very passionate in what they do and deliver. They know that renewable energy is more than just a product or appliance, but a technology that should be enjoyed and one that should make you proud to display and talk about. By reducing your own impact on the environment and by assisting in the mitigating against climate change, is the core of renewable energy implementation.
To date, ESS clients, contribute over 600 MW of clean renewable energy to the local grid per annum through the installation of photovoltaic panels (PV). Offsetting a large portion of their clients carbon foot print. All this in a few short years.
ESS thus far, are proud to have implemented solar PV projects from the residential, commercial, tourism establishments and government run project such as the PV schools project which they have installed on schools from La Digue to Praslin and Mahe.

However, it is the mission of ESS to continue their green revolution until every roof top in Seychelles is covered in solar PV panels. “This is my vision and dream, because to me, it is foolish as a small island state not to harness our full potential of the abundance of sunshine we have” says Mr Hoareau.

Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:

As a company we believe in an education first approach, we have been involve in projects such as “Greening the schools project” providing renewable energy and education to the school kids and teachers. We have worked with NGOs such as Sustainability for Seychelles in education campaigns. the UNDP in partnership with the Government of seychelles also have embarked on an education campaign about the effects of climate change and how we can mitigate or reduce our impact.

The impact of all the sectors coming together, has seen a huge awareness in the understanding of renewable energy and climate change since 2012

Economic value added and how calculated:

All I can measure as a tangible figure would the carbon offset, which comes from all our clients that have implemented renewable energy. However I believe that economic valve is far reaching than just the carbon offset. We are a country that relies heavily on oil imports to produce our electricity, which uses a large part of our Forex earnings from tourism. My belief is the more we use renewable energy, we can lessen the budget constraint on importing oil and use this savings to invest in other sectors such as health education and so on.

Also as another example a small business that use renewable energy to reduce the cost of its running expense, may decide to employ more staff creating jobs and more tax revenue for the government. Health benefits include clean fresher quality of air, by using less capacity of our polluting diesel generators. Renewable energy and the valve it adds to any society is enormous.

I may not have official statics in our country but i stand by the logic i mentioned above.

Ecological and social project outcomes:

Ecological impact is clear on a small island state, we are the first to suffer from climate change such as sea level rise, this is why the importance that we should lead by example that producing clean non pollution electricity is what the environment needs to help mitigate the acceleration of climate change.