Terre di Casole


Terre di Casole Bike Hub

GTI Awards 2020 – Sustainable Mobility

General information:

Island (Region, Province, Country):

Terre di Casole Bike Hub


Budget / cost of the project:


Project objectives:

Increase the incoming of tourists thoughts the development of sustainable itineraries and mobility.

  • Diversification of tourists
  • integration of intermodal mobility and tourism offers
  • involvement of local SMEs
  • cooperation between public administrations and SMEs
  • creation of a business network
  • citizen and local community involvement


Project description of activities and specific interventions:

A strong and compelling call to action for the public administration

  • Accurate and detailed analysis of the territory in order to create a taylor made project
  • Accurate study and planning of paths/routes including but not limited to:
    • identification of suitable routes, including a «loop» type route of about 180 – 200 km that could also be traveled in multpiple stages and many daily routes which start and arrive from the different gates.
    • excellent mapping, clear indications and signs (both in terms of routes and safety) and a safety net of cardio defibrillators and first-aid kits.
  • Actions with local stakeholders:
    • identification of suitable operators and creation of a solid network among them
    • implementation of dedicated training plans and workshops
  • Effective and constant «Communication and Marketing»


Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:

Public awareness took place both locally and on potential tourists in Italy and abroad.

Locally it ‘s been developed thanks to the public administration, while, outside the territory, this has happened thanks to the involvement, understanding and enhancement of the project by the press. The educational activities were carried out on the territory both as education to coexistence and respect for cyclists and drivers to ensure road safety, but also with educational actions on primary  and middle school  to sensitize children to sustainable mobility. The results on the brand and on the destination were exciting, gathering an increasingly important and valuable press review, both following the various press tours organized.


Economic value added and how calculated:

Each year the economic valorisation of the press review reaches about € 600,000 in value.

Since 2016, the data relating to arrivals and presences have recorded  year on year double-digit growing trend ranging from 10% to 15% enlarging the touristic season from end of March – end of September to beginning of February – mid November (data pre Covid) and also turista stay longer than before , the average stay before was about 2.4 days now reaches 2.8 / 3.8.

Statistically each km of cycle path brings an economic induced on the territory equal to double the amount invested. In this territory having no cycle paths we are unable to calculate the economic growth if not with the evidence of a greater audience in the areas of the bike hub, not only as guests in hotels but also more cyclists who stop and stop in the area, bringing an impact on the area for restaurants and bars, farms and wineries. What is also evident is an increase in the value of the properties.


Ecological and social project outcomes:

The project has enhanced the role of the community of citizens as well as creating new jobs in service and tourism sector.

As for the ecological aspects, sustainable mobility, as well as cycling and hiking itineraries, develop green and sustainable tourism.

At the same time, the sensitivity to the guidelines of the 2030 agenda has led the structures to adapt and adopt virtuous behavior.

Signing of safety road sign by a pro ultra cyclist
Ride in the nature