Winner mobility 2021 – Chalki Island


Chalki green-smart Island

Winner GTI Awards 2021 – Sustainable mobility

General information:

Island (Region, Province, Country):
Chalki Island – Greece

up to 10.000 inhabitants

Budget / cost of the project:
€ 1.200.000,00

Project partners:

Partner type of involvement:
The energy community of Chalki “CHALKION” is the main operator of the project named ” CHALKI GREEN-SMART ISLAND”

Other partners:
Ministry of environment and energy – Region of south aegean – Public power corporation S.A. – Syggelidis group citroen Greece – Akuo energy Greece S.A. – Hellenic power & Gred single-person S.A. – Vodafone Panafon hellenic telecommunications company – ALD automotive S.A. Car Leasing Company – French Embassy


Project objectives:

The reduction of the human activity’s climate impact is a core factor in combatting the climate change phenomenom. this is in harmony with the goals set within the framework of the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change.


Project description of activities and specific interventions:

Within the installment of photovoltic the framework of the aforementioned goals, the project includes the installment of photovoltaic systems for the production of green energy, which will cover the energy demands of the residents and businesses of the island, as well as, the provision of electric vehicles and recharge systems with the simultaneous integration of smart systems of public lighting, development of innovative telecommunications services and technological applications.


Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:

Prepare and set up an energy community, with the participation of the island’s residents. by the same token the municipality undetakes to endorse and communicate this action to the citizens, to achieve the broadest information and participation of the residents.


Economic value added and how calculated:

We will save 260,000.00 euros per year for the residents of Chalki Island because of the net metering that will take place through the photovoltaic park.

We will save 215,000.00 euros per year for utilities due to the replacement of thermal energy by renewable sources of energy.


Ecological and social project outcomes:

We will reduce by 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide (co2) that we emit into the atmosphere and respectively 120,000.00 euros per year due to non-emission of carbon dioxide.  In the modern social and economic environment the utilization of green energy and smart solutions are factors that enhances business antivity and boosts the quality of tourism, contributing to the achievement of energy efficiency and combatting against energy poverty.

Construction process of the 1mw photovoltaic park on the island of Chalki.
Informing the young children of the island regarding climate change