Floating offshore wind in the Mediterranean Sea. What policies are needed to kick start this industry?

In cooperation with Wind Europe

How islands can become green destinations and reduce costs, while engaging local communities with new business models. The Maldives’ case study and the Greening the Islands Certification

In cooperation with MITDC and Green Destinations Foundation

RES, water recycling & desalination

hybrid systems

In cooperation with EDS (European Desalination Society)

Innovation and cooperation towards a new model of sustainable agriculture for islands

In cooperation with Insuleur and Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

GTI Academy
Are we breathing clean air on our islands?

In cooperation with Islands and Small States Institute, University of Malta

GTI Academy
Maritime Ports on Islands – Policy
& Green Solutions

GTI Academy
Green hydrogen: an opportunity for islands’ decarbonisation
In cooperation with Fedarene
& World Hydrogen Leaders

GTI Academy
The importance of Circular Economy in islands to ensure environmental and economic sustainability: strategies for the management of organics and plastics 
In cooperation with Zero Waste Europe

Hybrid energy storage systems as a growing solution for islands’ decarbonization

In cooperation with EASE and EUROBAT

Boosting Bikenomics on islands: the transformative power of improving cycling conditions for more attractive, more accessible and healthier islands. What local policies?

In cooperation with Conebi
and Dutch Cycling Embassy

Ocean energy global trends, projects and technologies for islands. Empowering remote and island communities: the Canadian case study
In cooperation with
Marine Renewables Canada and Ocean Energy Systems, IEA-OES

Geothermal energy for islands: resilient infrastructure, independence, and empowered communities

In cooperation with International Geothermal Association