The following points represent a non-exhaustive list of information that will be collected and processed within the Observatory for the three sectors.

Join the second GTI Observatory meeting on 26th november in Rome and give your view, being part of the Scientific Island Committee.

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Mobility

  1. Presence of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan
  2. Size of islands and industrial / commercial areas
  3. Consumption and trends in the cost of diesel fuel
  4. Installed power of diesel generators
  5. Presence of renewables and subdivision by RES sources
  6. Potential for RES sources
  7. Dimension of public and private buildings roofs
  8. Overview on existent grid
  9. Presence of smart grid projects, storage, etc.
  10. Electricity consumption of public buildings
  11. Authorization processes.
  1. Status of a strategic planning of water resources in the island
  2. Territorial classification / geographical features of the island
  3. Urban classification / Presence of industrial areas
  4. Legislative and Regulatory framework / competent bodies /
  5. Authorization processes for the construction of plants
  6. National or local Incentive schemes or equalization mechanisms
  7. Trends of water consumption and tariffs (industrial, commercial, agricultural and urban)
  8. Availability of natural water resources
  9. Water supply and water cycle systems (traditional, desalination, reuse etc.)
  10. Status of the distribution network: physical and commercial losses
  11. Presence of innovative projects
  12. Market trends and economic indicators (infrastructure construction and supply costs).
  1. Electric vehicles: state of the art (subdivision by type of vehicles: motorcycles, e-bikes, cars, buses, marine vehicles, trucks, vans, special vehicles, etc.)
  2. Penetration of EV’s: number of vehicles (PHEV, EV, FCEV’s)
  3. Charging infrastructure: state of the art
  4. Installed infrastructure (private, public, semi-public) and overview of the providers + cost
  5. Availability of green electricity for e-mobility
  6. Geographic features of the island
  7. Rate of motorization of the Island
  8. Fuel consumption for transport by land and by sea road network (km divided by type of roads)
  9. Number and type of rental activities in the island
  10. Existing and planned incentive schemes.