Art. 1 – Description and Objectives of the Indicator

Greening The (hereinafter Greening the Islands or GTI) is a non-profit ethical and social company registered in Palermo, Via Principe di Belmonte 79, Italy, Tax Code/VAT No. 09800890965, set up to disseminate best practices of innovative solutions for sustainable development of islands and remote locations. With the first edition of the Greening the Islands Observatory Global Index, GTI aims at measuring and promoting environmental sustainability of Islands, enhancing the actions taken by local governments with a view to develop “quality” tourism for people who care about nature and its balances, and to make the local population aware of such actions. The GTI Observatory Global Index aims at encouraging local governments to pursue environmental sustainability policies more decidedly and to reward the best performing islands.
The GTI Observatory Global Index is an indicator based on a number of data relating to: energy, water, mobility, waste and environment. These data will be collected and assessed to assign a reward to each island based on “Greening the Islands Drops”. Specific rewards will be given to islands that excel in one or more specific fields.

Art. 2 – Requirements and Procedure to Join GTI Observatory Global Index

Governments/municipal administrations of any islands that have started actions to make their territories more sustainable and to reduce their environmental impact may join the Greening the Islands Observatory Global Index.
This regulation, the link to fill out the questionnaire and any other useful information can be found on the web site page Observatory’s Global Index.
The application form and questionnaire are available at the following link: questionnaire.
The person in charge of filling out the questionnaire is asked to provide personal and contact data of the legal representative of the entity that is sending the data and to indicate the name of a person GTI may contact for any clarifications about the data provided.
In the final section of the questionnaire, after completing the fields on energy, water, mobility and waste, applicants may add some general information about the environmental status of the Island. Additional information and/or web links may be added to provide useful information for assessment. Applicants may leave some fields empty since an assessment of individual sectors will also be made.
You may go back and forward, leave the page and complete the questionnaire at a later time.
A summary of the information requested (facsimile of the data collection sheet) is attached hereto (Attachment 1) and may be used to collect data before filling out the online questionnaire.

After completing the questionnaire and before submitting it, the following documentation shall be attached:

  • Application form attached hereto (Attachment 2), duly completed, signed and stamped by the legal representative of the entity in charge of filling out the questionnaire.
  • Copy of the signatory’s identity document.
  • Proof of payment of the participation fee.
  • At least 6 significant high resolution (300 dpi) images of the island associated to sustainability and any other useful material and/or document (brochures, press clips, useful links, maps, etc.) for assessment purposes. If possible, a video presenting the activities performed in the areas covered by the GTI Observatory Global Index.

The transmitted data will be assessed after checking receipt of the participation fee.
At the end of each annual cycle (which goes from June to May of the following year), Greening The Islands publishes the results of the GTI Observatory Global Index.
The ranking resulting from a technical assessment of the information provided by Islands will be published with the Greening The Island Observatory report.
Islands my join any time; depending on when an Island submits its questionnaire, it will be included in the current or following annual cycle. In order to be included in the current annual cycle, questionnaires must be submitted by February each year.
Participating Islands will be included in the Index also in the year following the year of participation.
This initiative and the results obtained by participating Islands will be disseminated through media and web portals dealing with sustainable tourism, to promote the Island as a green tourist destination and to show inhabitants the results of political decisions made to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

Art. 3 – Participation Fee

The fee to participate in the project and to be included in two editions of the “GTI Observatory Global Index” is based on the number of inhabitants of the Island, as follows:

Islands with up to 10,000 inhabitants € 300
Islands with 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants € 550
Islands with 100,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants € 750
Islands with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants € 900


The above-mentioned fees include VAT. The participation fee may be paid as follows:

  • Bank transfer to, Bank UNICREDIT, Ag. 34300, MILANO IBAN: IT 18 E 02008 01775 000104767221 – BIC/SWIFT UNCRITM1ME6
  • Paypal at the following link: Observatory’s Global Index

To make it easier to identify the Island and the entity that made the payment, please add the following payment description: PARTICIPATION IN THE GTI OBSERVATORY GLOBAL INDEX_NAME OF THE ISLAND_NAME OF THE ENTITY.
Payment may be made directly by the local government or by any other entity such as local associations, trade associations, associations promoting local culture and tourism, companies, tour operators, etc., in which case please add “Payment made by _NAME OF THE ENTITY_on behalf of _NAME OF THE ISLAND_” in the payment description.
Upon receipt of payment, Greening The Islands will issue an invoice to the entity that made the payment. If payment is made by an entity other than that indicated in the questionnaire, please specify its details for invoicing.
For any information, please click here and contact us using this form.

Art. 4 – Ranking and Validity of the Greening the Islands Observatory Global Index

Participating Islands will be assigned a number of “GTI Drops” from 1 to 5, depending on the level of sustainability achieved by the Island. Special rewards will be given to Islands which excel in specific sectors or to Islands that have carried out particularly innovative projects in the field of environmental sustainability.
The reward will be valid also for the next edition of the “GTI Observatory Global Index”, with no need to send data or make any additional payment. Islands will be entitled to join the initiative again in the following year; in this case they can provide additional information that will allow them to improve their ranking.

Art. 5 – Participation in Greening the Islands Events

As part of its scientific dissemination and training activities aimed at sharing best practices and innovative solutions for sustainable development of islands and remote locations, Greening The Islands will reward Islands that participate in this initiative by inviting representatives of their local governments and/or local stakeholders to events held by the GTI Observatory, free of charge.

Art. 6 – Acceptance of Conditions

Participation in the Greening the Islands Observatory Global Index initiative entails full acceptance of this regulation and of the assessments and decisions made by Greening The Islands as developer and promoter of the initiative and as the entity that assesses data and assigns the number of “GTI Drops” to each participating Island.
By signing the participation form, participants declare that the transmitted data are true, authorize the treatment of personal data and information and authorize Greening The Islands to publish the name of the participating Island and entity and to disseminate the assessment results.
Greening The Islands reserves the right to verify the truthfulness of the transmitted data and information independently and as it deems appropriate; clarifications will be requested in case of discrepancies.
By signing the participation form, participants allow Greening The Islands to use the transmitted information to perform research studies, analyses, educational and dissemination events, including in cooperation with existing or future partners of Greening The Islands. *End of the regulation