Meeting Egadi Islands

28th & 29th May 2019

In cooperation with Favignana Municipality

The Greening the Islands Observatory, launched in occasion of the 5th Greening the International Conference in Minorca, is a think tank aiming at analyzing island needs and identify innovative solutions on the fields of above to support the definition and the implementation of strategies and plans of governments and corporates. The first working year will involve solutions on energy, water, mobility applied on a selected group of Islands, which are Egadi Archipelago (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo – Italy), Crete (Greece), Helgoland (Germany) and Borocay (Philippines).

In November 2018, in Rome, it was held the first GTI Observatory Plenary Meeting with the governments of the selected islands and the industrial members, where an overview of the islands has been presented and hypothesis of solutions have been advanced by the corporates and the Greening the Islands specialists.

For the first semester of 2019, the plan foreseens 2 days’ meetings in each island of the Observatory, hosted by the Islands’ Governments, involving all key local stakeholders, such as local institutions, utilities, corporate and Industry Associations Members.

The Aim of the meeting in Favignana is to define better the short list of projects discussed in Rome and deepen Egadi Islands’s status, needs and solutions on energy, water, mobility and waste, also through site visits. An overview of policy, regulation and permitting will be presented and discussed.

During the Greening the Islands Observatory meeting held in Favignana on May 28thand 29th, the priorities of the analysis which will be the basis of the Egadi islands’ sustainable development plan have been identified. The Study, officially launched with the two-day meeting, will be presented during the 6thedition of The Greening the Islands International Conference which will be held in Palermo on October 15th.

See the priorities emerged by the Observatory Favignana Island Meeting organised by sectors


Actions for the good functioning of the minor islands decree:

  • To clarify with the Energy Authority the accumulation with the tax deduction for residential installations (the GSE will support the clarification of this important point for the economic convenience of the investments);
  • To stimulate regional, national and European incentive schemes for accumulations;
  • analysis of the business plan of the investments to value the economic convenience and identify the factors, on which to act to improve the profitability and the critical elements, that could put at risk the functionality of the action;
  • Analysis of the potential of renewables on the Egadi, considering centralized and distributed installations (photovoltaic, solar thermal and mini and vertical wind), mapping the restrictions in the various areas of the three islands and evaluating the critical issues and necessary interventions for the stability of the network (storage, etc.);
  • Analysis of the possible commercial offer forms;
  • Analysis of possible types of purchasing group;
  • Applicability of “waste to energy” forms;
  • Dialogue with financial institutions to stimulate low-interest loans;
  • Dialogue with the competent authorities in order to simplify the access to the incentive;
  • To evaluate a possible application of innovative geothermal projects.


  • To develop electric mobility models (eg car sharing, bike-sharing) that can also involve local charterers and encourage them to the transition;
  • To propose innovative solutions for electric public transport (eg electric buses);
  • To evaluate the inclusion of an electric or sailing boat for tourists, who want to visit the Egadi Islands;
  • To analyze the possibility of extending the current legislative provisions, in order to prohibit / limit the arrival of vehicles from Sicily and to restrict the circulation of polluting vessels at sea throughout the year;
  • To incentivize the construction of a network of electrical recharging stations for motorcycles / motor vehicles;
  • To develop electric mobility solutions for hotels and touristic accommodation in general;
  • Solutions for sailing electric mobility and for small boats;
  • Incentives for electric mobility on land and at sea;
  • Analysis for the ports electrification.


  • Analysis of the losses on the water network of the three islands and of the submarine pipelines connecting with Sicily. Monitoring;
  • Possible solutions for reducing losses in the municipal water distribution network and in the supply pipeline from Sicily;
  • Possible solutions to reuse the wastewater;
  • The opportunity to adopt the retrofit MBR technology for an existing installation;
  • Analysis of the current costs for the supply of water (including the supply by lumps) and comparison with the costs of alternative solutions.


  • Product characterization of the organic waste in the various periods and monthly productions;
  • Estimate of the strains production;
  • Hypothesis of technological solutions (eg minibiogas, domestic composting, experimentation of energy production from singas, biogas plants and subsequent composting);
  • Mapping of the possible locations for the different types of systems;
  • Analysis of possible types of economic support by the municipality for domestic installations and other financing possibilities.

Island overview

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