3º Italian Conference - Roma

3º Italian Conference - Roma

“Solutions for the sustainability of the small islands: policy tools and authorization processes”

The three-day event will be held in Rome on 26-28 November at the Hotel Quirinale

GTI Conferences

We organise “island forums” with nine editions held to date since 2014, spanning both national and international events.

These forums not only promote synergies and explore the nexus between the three pillars of the green economy – energy, water and mobility – but have gone beyond to launch a new concept of a “broad” circular economy that extends to waste, agriculture and eco-tourism.

The end-goals are self-sufficiency, resilience and better island living.

Greening the Islands involves a significant number of experts in its conferences to

encourage discussion about how to make islands a new model of sustainable living.

Each forum is organised in association with the hosting government, the national association of minor island municipalities and other key local institutions, industry associations and utilities. We bring the key players together to debate how to test and replicate innovative projects, best practices on legislation, etc.

Our latest events have seen the involvement of the European Commission because the approach of Greening the Islands is aligned with its Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative, launched in a political declaration in Malta in 2017

  • Live Streaming

    In order to involve as many islands as possible in the discussion, Greening the Islands conferences are open to virtual participation as online events. Participants can join via live streaming made available through Greeningtheislands.net – Connecting Islands Innovations, the platform for small island communities around the world.

  • Global role

    In 2018 Greening the Islands is building on its European experience to take on a global role as a way to be closer to the three main island regions of the world:
    Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean.
    In line with this new approach we have scheduled:

    Asia-Pacific Forum in February 2019

    European Forum in Baltic in May 2019

  • Specific Island Needs

    These regional events will allow us to focus better on the specific needs, challenges and developments of islands in each area while at the same time connecting stakeholders from around the world through the Greening the Islands web platform.

Upcoming Conferences

1º Asia-Pacific Edition

1º Asia-Pacific Edition

Boracay – February 2019





6º European Edition

6º European Edition

Stockholm – Aland Islands – Helsinki
May 2019




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