The online islands' scientific community

The GTI App

was created to meet the need to discuss and debate, learn about important island issues on an ongoing basis and not just during Greening the Islands conferences.

During years of networking events and activities, the need has emerged to create an online community to discuss issues, solutions and share best practices in a safe environment focused entirely on the islands. The islanders or those who have to do with the islands are very predisposed to the internet connection due to their isolated conditions.

Why is the GTI App an essential tool for the sustainable development of the islands?

The high number of islands around the world, with specific and common needs, projects and initiatives, available technologies and tests implemented or in progress has reached a level of such complexity that require a tool for collection, coordination and relevant debate.

The Internet is capable of supporting the sustainable development of the islands that are already considered the natural laboratory for innovation capable of challenging climate change. An app accessible globally and is the answer to this need.

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