GTI Observatory

Where citizens, governments, corporates and academia come together to match islands needs and innovative solutions.

At the 2018 GTI international conference of Minorca, the GTI Observatory was launched, resulting from the need to give continuity to scientific exchanges that, until that time, had only taken place annually, and to support the origination of projects through task forces and reports, to promote public-private collaboration, develop policy recommendations, identify financing opportunities, creating coalitions for tenders, while engaging all relevant stakeholders.

The GTI Observatory Global Index was also launched to assess and monitor islands progress towards sustainability. More recently, GTI has even extended its project to assist islands  obtain a recognized sustainable tourism certification.

GTI Observatory bring together policy makers and industries to agree on shared strategies and accelerate projects deployment.

GTI Observatory aggregates key stakeholders to:

Match island needs and innovative sustainable solutions

Produce reports & studies to address strategies and policies

Originate projects, business models and financing opportunities

Promote the cooperation between governments and corporates

GTI Observatory has been running a deep dive into
islands status and needs since 2018.

Since 2018, GTI Observatory has been running a deep dive into islands status and needs, facilitating the origination of projects through meetings in each islands members of the GTI Observatory, hosted by Islands’ Governments, involving all key local stakeholders, corporate and industry associations members. Since then we have organised meetings in Minorca (Spain), Rome (Italy), Helgoland (Germany), Crete (Greece), Favignana (Italy) and Palermo (Italy).

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