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Map of the area West Groot Sint Joris on Curaçao and envisioned docking of Coastline and irrigation infrastructure for agricultural development.

3rd place 2023 – Curaçao

Xploration Coastline Curaçao GTI Awards 2023 – 3rd place General information: Island (Region, Province, Country

Solar desalination Greenhouse - Lab Scale - Gozo MED-WET

Winner 2023 – Gozo (Malta)

MED-WET: Improving MEDiterranean irrigation and Water supply for smallholder farmers by providing Efficient, low-cost

General exterior view of the facility that houses the desalination plant with the photovoltaic panels on the roof

Winner water 2021 – Maio Island

Installation of an autonomous desalination plant with photovoltaic solar energy in Ribeira Dom João Winner GTI Awards

inside of the building with the reverse osmosis unit and the team (Komodo Water, Akuo, Mascara and local population)

Solar Desalination OSMOSUN for Indonesia

Solar Desalination OSMOSUN for Indonesia GTI Awards 2020 – Water General information: Island (Region, Province,

Project 3D render, including containers for the RO unit and water treatment, the solar PV plant and the water tanks.

Boa vista, cape verde

Boa vista, cape verde GTI Awards 2020 – Water General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Boa vist

The photograph shows the corn crop at the time of harvesting data (production of fresh matter and classified ear) for the two experimental treatments of the Sta Catarina plot. The regulating pond can be seen in the background

Winner water 2020

ADAPTaRES Winner GTI Awards 2020 – Water General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Gran Canaria,

schematic description of the hybrid system compared to SWRO

Water: Santa Lucia

GTI Awards 2019 – Water A new hybrid system, which combines Reverse Electrodialysis and Reverse Osmosis, Santa

Insel vom Hafen

Winner water 2019

Winner GTI Awards 2019 – Water Holistic energetic optimization of the drinking water supply for the offshore, H

Winner for the category Water

Chumbe Island Coral Park

Winner for the category Water A pioneer eco-lodge introducing environmentally friendly technology for water and sanit

Fishing pool 

The fishing pool is exploited by Max Dyckerhoff, a pioneer in fish farming on the island. The shades are half composed of photovoltaic panels (1.5 MWp) and half of transparent panels, granting the pools both shadow and the necessary sunlight.  

These structures allow a better development of the fishes: they are now protected from predators, the water temperature is better regulated, easing the management of water cycle and water oxygenation. This has reduced the fish death rate by 40%. This also give better work conditions to the fish farmers. They are protected from the sunlight and have more flexible fishing hours (previously only early morning).

Max Dyckerhoff’s tilapia production is mostly dedicated to the local market, and therefore boosts the local economy and supports the development of short supply chain.


General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): La Reunion, France – Indian Ocean Population: 843 617 Budget

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