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Chumbe Island Coral Park

Winner for the category Water A pioneer eco-lodge introducing environmentally friendly technology for water and sanit

Fishing pool 

The fishing pool is exploited by Max Dyckerhoff, a pioneer in fish farming on the island. The shades are half composed of photovoltaic panels (1.5 MWp) and half of transparent panels, granting the pools both shadow and the necessary sunlight.  

These structures allow a better development of the fishes: they are now protected from predators, the water temperature is better regulated, easing the management of water cycle and water oxygenation. This has reduced the fish death rate by 40%. This also give better work conditions to the fish farmers. They are protected from the sunlight and have more flexible fishing hours (previously only early morning).

Max Dyckerhoff’s tilapia production is mostly dedicated to the local market, and therefore boosts the local economy and supports the development of short supply chain.


General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): La Reunion, France – Indian Ocean Population: 843 617 Budget

Venturi system installed in Gran Canaria


Island (Region, Province, Country): Gran Canaria Population: 850.000 Budget / cost of the project: 150.000 Project ob

This picture is a synthesized map with individual data on each island: area, rainfall, distance to mainland (km and time), the census population and the the human pressure of residents, seasonal residents and visitors re-calculated into a “technical population” number, how much water the island needs and how much is produced, and how much water the project partners estimate could be saved each island in percentage.

Water Saving Challenge Project

General information Island (Region, Province, Country): Sein and Houat in France, Tilos and Itahaka in Greece, Vis an


Water Conservation and Awareness Centre

General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Malta Population: 420,000 Budget / cost of the project: Eur2



General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Capriate San Gervasio, Bergamo, Italy Population: 7500 Budge

Greening the Islands Awards candidate: HSBC Bank Malta reaches all the island’s schoolchildren in “Catch the Drop” campaign

Working towards more sustainable islands isn’t only about technology and infrastructure: it’s also a question of publ


Securing fresh water on islands today, without limiting tomorrow

General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Great Camanoe, British Virgin Islands Population: 2500 Budge


Use of Highly Polished Reclaimed Water in the Maltese Islands: “New Water”

General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Islands of Malta, Europe Population: Population: 437,000 Bud

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