ICSP – Integrated Concentrating Solar Power


ICSP – Integrated Concentrating Solar Power

GTI Awards 2020 – Renewable energy and Energy efficiency

General information:

Island (Region, Province, Country):



Budget / cost of the project:
Between 500 – 850 Mn


Project objectives:

“Changing Energy” , How Aruba can Accelerate her Green Transformation Agenda by integrating existing resources with low risk and fast results.

Develop and supply new Renewable, Green and Sustainable technologies Integrated with “WEB” existing sustainable energy solutions to lower the cost of energy for Aruba’s stakeholders. By developing and installing a Worldwide Proven and already Existing Integrated combination of Clean Technologies, Energy Storage and production of Green Solar Fuels a 50 Mw to 120 MW Integrated Concentrated Solar Power Project (hereafter ICSP) in Aruba.


Project description of activities and specific interventions:

To create an ICSP – Integrated Concentrating Solar Power – Green energy power plant based on proven and known energy technologies. Integrated Concentrating Solar Power (ICSP) refers to a promising generation technology which converts the highly concentrated solar energy into high temperature steam (through heat exchanger), thus to drive turbines to generate electricity. Compared with other generation technologies, ICSP has the following advantages:  The selling point for ICSP, is its ability “to collect energy from the sun, which can be used to generate entirely renewable energy based electricity not just during the day while the sun is shining but throughout the night just as a gas, oil or coal-fired power plant does.” CSP technology is based around a central solar tower which focuses sunlight into surrounding parabolic or mirrors throughs which collect the energy — hence the “concentrating” aspect of its name. Can be combined with wind energy of the existing windmills and with solar panels ICSP allows energy storage and peak shaving to ensure continuous power supply even at night and when it’s raining; by utilizing the Molten Salt storage system for power production at night and at times when the sun is not shining (between 12 – 16 hours energy storage). From the overproduction of energy the ICSP plant can produce concentrating green solar fuels while generating electricity like following: hydrogen, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and methanol; One of the optional ways to use the excess energy of the surplus heat from the steam turbine, is to use the energy for the purpose of desalination of seawater.


Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:

Creating a Renewable, Green & Sustainable Knowledge & Innovation Development Park Center can also be profitable and interesting for Aruba to attract external businesses, international students and scientists with the similar vision and mission for Renewable, Green and Sustainable Energy sources, consider to provide these business green tax advantages to establish there headquarters here in Aruba.

Education and retraining is required for staff and the exchange of knowledge and cooperation with knowledge centers from around the world in the fields of energy, agriculture, greenhouse construction and marine farming. When it’s complete, the project will reduce 81.000 to 200.000 tons of carbon emissions annually.


Economic value added and how calculated:

This proven ICPS technology will be integrated in cooperation with local energy provider WEB, and will have an overall positive social impact and will certainly lead to the creation of new jobs (construction phase appr. 2000 employees)  and 200 new jobs which will benefit the employment for Aruba and therefore will have added value for “now” and the future Sustainable Aruban Economy

Incorporate local content  where possible, as well as work with our existing local network of contractors and suppliers (60 local agreements with contractors) in the markets where we operate to achieve economies of scale and reduce cost.


Ecological and social project outcomes:

Other positive side effects for Aruba:

  • Diversification Aruban economy
  • CSP will improve in a positive way the scenery & image of Aruba and will attract other industries such as Hotel and other Business investors to invest in San Nicolas and in Seroe Colorado.
  • Promote ECO Tourism
  • Reduce poverty
  • Improvement of the social framework of  Aruba / San Nicolas population
  • Agricultural opportunities for Aruba
  • Knowledge transfer to Aruban companies
  • Upgrade retraining competencies and skills Aruban population
  • Aruba will create a green and sustainable policies and future for Aruban next generations to come where the local population will be proud off.
  • Investing in ICSP Renewable Green and Sustainable Energy means that Aruba will comply and is in alignment with the 7 sustainable goals of the Department of Economic and Social from the United Nations.
  • Show the world that Aruba contributes to the current Global Climate Change Problems and reduces significant greenhouse emissions.
  • Will improve in a positive way the scenery of Aruba and attract tourism Hotel / Business investors to invest in San Nicolas and in Seroe Colorado.
  • Focus on ECO tourism instead of Mass Tourism by implementing ICSP tours for tourists.
  • Aruba will be the frontrunner & benchmark for High Performance Renewable, Green and Sustainability Energy for all the Caribbean islands and even South America
  • Energy storage / energy security
  • Long-term certainty 25 years guarantee
  • Hydrogen plant internal market  / export product
  • Seawater desalination for agricultural use
  • Reduces significant greenhouse emissions