Winner agriculture 2020


IAT Climate Smart Greenhouse

Winner GTI Awards 2020 – Agriculture

General information:

Island (Region, Province, Country):

Barbados, Caribbean


Budget / cost of the project:
US$ 480000


Project objectives:

  1. To substitute the direct import supply of fresh produce to Barbados from the US
  2. To build national food security for Barbados
  3. To deliver the first 100% climate resistant protected agriculture system in Barbados (the first CAT5 hurricane resistant greenhouse system)
  4. To improve the quality and nutritional content of local fresh produce
  5. To train, certify, and recruit young men and women of Barbados and attract them to agriculture as a career


Project description of activities and specific interventions:

Alquimi Renewables has established a local partnership with a major farming operation in Barbados and will operate under Island Growers Barbados Limited.  The first phase of our project will include the installation of a 5,000 sf 100% climate resistant greenhouse system with our integrated high efficiency hydroponic production system, which will produce over 50,000lbs/annum of organic produce.  Our IAT/Sprung greenhouse system is engineer-certified under IBC-2018 code up to 175mph sustained wind load and 202mph gusts.  The project will scale up rapidly to 75,000 sf of greenhouse space producing over 525 tonnes of organic produce per annum.  Phase 1 construction is currently underway with operational start date of January 2021.  Phase 2 and 3 will include the installation of a solar/storage solution under a PPA with our operating company in order to reduce energy operational costs.


Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results:

The project has gained full government support in its mission to build national food security.  Discussions are underway with local technical and vocational schools to offer a specialized curriculum in advanced hydroponic systems.  Under this partnership we intend to attract young men and women to farming as a career in protected agriculture.


Economic value added and how calculated:

Total economic value to the island of Barbados (Phase 1 only) will amount to US$818K in Year 1.

This includes:

  1. Local construction and services employed: $40K
  2. Employment value: $75K annually
  3. Value of goods produced: $625K annually
  4. VAT value on sales of $78K


Ecological and social project outcomes:

Converting unused land of up to 4 acres to productive agricultural land.

Creating 100% climate resistant food production for the first time.

Adding clean energy generation of .5MW

Employment of local youth.

Improving food nutrition levels.

Reducing food imports.

Building national food security.

IAT SAEF hydroponic system