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Plain sailing… Brigantes project is ready for a return to transport of goods by sail

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Our Favignana Observatory meeting was given a glimpse of what low-carbon seaborne cargo shipping might look like: the Brigantes project is ready to set sail (literally) transporting goods in the Mediterranean and to and from the Caribbean.

The Brigantes project began in 2016 when the ship, first built over 100 years ago, lay abandoned in the port of Trapani. Now, after a year of work to fit it with sails, the ship is ready to start a new life with the Brigantes name. It was launched on May 30 in the port of Trapani and in 2020 it will be able to take off to transport goods between the Sicilian islands in the summer months and in the Atlantic during the winter months.

Passionate ship owners, brokers, buyers and producers, working together under shared beliefs and ethics, created the Brigantes project for a healthy transport culture by shipping products globally under sail while ensuring that every stage of the supply chain promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations, from grower to buyer. Sail-powered shipping is a valid economic alternative that facilitates trade and commerce, empowering communities and individuals while ensuring the ability of future generations to enjoy the natural world. Indeed, decarbonised sea transport may be the missing link in the sustainable production and consumption chain.

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