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One for the ages: the GTI Observatory Summit of Gran Canaria leaves a mark on global island action

The first GTI Observatory Summit that recently took place in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, represented a crucial stepping stone for global island acti...

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The first GTI Observatory Summit kicks off in Gran Canaria to consolidate leading committees and outline action-oriented agenda towards COP28

Island representatives, global industry associations, international institutions and authorities from all sectors of the circular economy from the GTI...

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GTI at COP27: The Historic Consensus on Reparations for Loss and Damage is Good News, But the Fund Must Go to SIDS With High Priority

The COP27 outcome document “Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan” includes an historic agreement to create a fund to help developing nations face the l...

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Gozo 2022_10_11

Greening the Islands and the Gozo Regional Development Authority consolidate cooperation for Gozo’s decarbonization

The Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) and Greening The Islands (GTI) have been engaged for the past year and now look forward to strengthenin...

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At Greening the Islands Observatory meeting priority solutions are identified for Gozo as it aims towards reaching carbon neutrality by 2030

Global experts, local stakeholders and community establish a task force for Gozo to implement the island’s sustainable transition, coordinated by GRDA...

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You can now invest and get shares in Greening the Islands!

Do you love islands and wish to protect them from climate change? You can become one of us today joining GTI crowdfunding! Join Greening the Islands’ ...

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GTI and Gozo meet to boost local and state sustainable transition

The GTI Observatory will hold a meeting in Gozo (Malta) on 26-27 May 2022, bringing together key Maltese stakeholders and authorities, as well as lead...

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GTI AT THE CLEAN ENERGY FOR EU ISLANDS FORUM 2022: islands’ sustainable transition needs an enabling environment in which technology, policy and finance establish synergies and act together to boost transformations

Greening the Islands has participated at the Clean energy for EU islands forum 2022 in Rhodes, Greece. This year the focus was how to translate the cl...

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GTI and Elafonisos continue their close cooperation to promote sustainable tourism on islands

The fifth “Elafonisos Eco 2022 Symposium” took place in Elafonisos from 17 to 22 May 2022. This year it was organized by Elafonisos Eco, an associatio...

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Greening the Islands and Lipari establish path to unlock sustainable projects, call on authorities to simplify authorization procedures

Italian Ecological Transition Ministry and Energy Authority participate in GTI Observatory meeting (Versione italiana disponibile alla fine di questo ...

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