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Lorry loaded with a variety of recyclable materials that resulted from the waste processing system implemented with the ‘’Just Go Zero Program’’. Those materials are shipped to the mainland where they are distributed for further processing at various recycling plants.

2nd place 2023 – Tilos (Greece)

JUST GO ZERO TILOS GTI Awards 2023 – 2nd place General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Tilos &

A small community, despite having limited resources, has managed to innovate and create its composting facility by using dried stems from the banana tree to contain its collected garden wastes which can be used for organic composting by the members of the community.

Winner waste 2021 – Philippines

Zero Waste Islands – Siquijor Project Winner GTI Awards 2021 – Waste General information: Island (Region,

SMO is an autonomous processor, compact enough to fit into a 14m shipping container. Solar thermal energy is collected by parabolic solar concentrators. In combination with an efficient energy recycling system, this makes the process completely free of external energy sources, including fossil fuels.

Winner waste 2021 – Cres

From waste to green Hydrogen on Cres-Lošinj Archipelago Winner GTI Awards 2021 – Waste General information: Isl

Local women segregates waste in initial Island Refresh event. It is important to get the household trained in the habit of segregating waste at source. The island communities are supportive to change their habits.

Winner waste 2020

Soneva Namoona project Winner GTI Awards 2020 – Waste General information: Island (Region, Province, Country):

Green Kiosk 1

Winner Waste 2019

Winner GTI Awards 2019 – Waste Green Kiosk: an innovative recycling system, Naxos General information: Island (

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