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Safety C HPV

Energy: Sicily

GTI Awards 2019 – Energy Safety Cover Hydro Pv, Sicily General information: Island (Region, Province, Country):

OWAC installation

Energy: Curaçao

GTI Awards 2019 – Energy Owac: Ocean Water Assisted Cooling, Curaçao General information: Island (Region, Provi

Malta car sharing 1

Mobility: Malta

GTI Awards 2019 – Mobility Malta car sharing General information: Island (Region, Province, Country): Malta Pop

Caprera 3

Mobility: Caprera

GTI Awards 2019 – Mobility Caprera island as the “urban park” of la maddalena archipelago General information:

“Blue Acid/Base Battery” (BAoBaB)1

Energy: Pantelleria

GTI Awards 2019 – Energy “Blue Acid/Base Battery” (BAoBaB): Electrical Energy Storage (EES) system, Pantelleria

schematic description of the hybrid system compared to SWRO

Water: Santa Lucia

GTI Awards 2019 – Water A new hybrid system, which combines Reverse Electrodialysis and Reverse Osmosis, Santa

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