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Gozo 2022_10_11

Greening the Islands and the Gozo Regional Development Authority consolidate cooperation for Gozo’s decarbonization

The Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) and Greening The Islands (GTI) have been engaged for the past year and now look forward to strengthenin...

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At Greening the Islands Observatory meeting priority solutions are identified for Gozo as it aims towards reaching carbon neutrality by 2030

Global experts, local stakeholders and community establish a task force for Gozo to implement the island’s sustainable transition, coordinated by GRDA...

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Privatising the wilderness: the Tasmanian project that could become a national park test case

Conservationists say newly released documents call into question the government’s policy of backing tourism developments on protected public land Hall...

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A Small Italian Island Is Set to Win Big From Europe’s Tourism Revival

Plans to pick vaccine winners and losers have sparked fury on the mainland. Residents of the small Italian island of Ischia are hoping that the 19-...

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Italy Introduces Covid-Free Islands To Save Summer Tourism

Fancy the idea of traveling to a small island in Italy this summer? In the effort to contain the impact of coronavirus on the summer season, the count...

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Tourism recovery recipes for small islands

Small Island Developing States (SIDS), as defined by UNESCO, have experienced a dramatic expansion of their tourism sector, particularly in the last d...

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EU funds mean more to see and enjoy in Gozo

Gozo’s intricate link with tourism – international and domestic – has been well documented over time. Pandemics permitting, tens of thousands of Malte...

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Japan island gains int'l recognition for night sky eyes tourism boom

Japan island gains int’l recognition for night sky, eyes tourism boom

TOKIO – A remote island in Japan, some 180 kilometers south of the capital Tokyo, is hoping that recent recognition by a U.S.-based nonprofit or...

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