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Wave Swell

Wave power pilot project off Tasmania’s King Island gets $2.7 from Australian government

The Australian Minister for Energy has announced the government will provide AUD 4 million (US$ 2.7 million) in support for a pilot-scale wave energy ...

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Medener Conference

GTI Observatory partner of MEDENER conference on the energy transition in Mediterranean countries

The upcoming MEDENER international conference to be held in Rhodes, Greece, on September 26 will hear expert perspectives from Greening the Islands as...

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Welcome to Energy Everywhere our new Observatory member and sponsor of the conference

5 billion people lack dependable power; of those 1 billion have none at all. Energy Everywhere, based inMilan, Italy and Berkeley, California, is buil...

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Isole Marshall

Marshall Islands receive funds for water resilience as climate change impacts supplies

The global Green Climate Fund is providing US$18.6 million to the Marshall Islands to support the low-lying atoll nation in adapting to increasing cli...

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Renault’s EV storage experiment projects Portugal’s Porto Santo towards zero-carbon status

An electric-vehicle trial run by Renault on Portugal’s Madeira has been testing a two-way charging system that is designed to show how EVs can be inte...

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PPC inaugurates hybrid wind-hydro power system on island of Ikaria

Greece’s Public Power Corp (PPC) has launched Europe’s second hybrid renewable energy park, combining wind and hydraulic power, on the Aegean island o...

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Greening the Islands conferences to focus on making circular economy and sustainable tourism a reality on islands

Our annual gathering is only the other side of the summer holidays, which means we can preview the agenda for the 6thGreening the Islands internationa...

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_Island Seychelles

Seychelles readies floating PV project and may kick off a trend in Africa

Africa’s first utility scale, private sector financed floating PV project is entering its next project phase. The plant will be in the Lagoon le Roche...

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Plain sailing… Brigantes project is ready for a return to transport of goods by sail

Our Favignana Observatory meeting was given a glimpse of what low-carbon seaborne cargo shipping might look like: the Brigantes project is ready to se...

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CPMR_Greening the Island

A multilateral ‘Islands Structured Dialogue’ with EU institutions to support islands green development

EU Member States need to consider the islands needs and recognise their crucial role as laboratory for the transition to low-carbon future. The Confer...

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