Where citizens, governments, corporates anda academia come together to match islands needs and innovative solutions.

GTI Observatory aggregates key stakeholders to:

Match island needs
and innovative
sustainable solutions

Produce reports
& studies to address
strategies and policies

Originate projects,
business models and
financing opportunities

Promote the cooperation between governments and corporates

The GTI Observatory Context

  • COP 21: islands recognised as an ideal laboratory for technological innovation against climate change;
  • Greening the Islands in Favignana: European Commission launched “Clean Energy for EU Islands” initiative to support the energy transition of EU islands from 2020 to 2030.
  • Malta 2017: political declaration signed to accelerate renewables energy transition in more than 2.700 UE islands;
  • Several global institutions such as UN and IRENA have started specific programs for small islands development states (SIDS).

Observatory topics:

  • Environment status of the islands
  • Polices & regulations
  • Incentive schemes
  • Permitting
  • Technologies & solutions
  • Cost
  • Public/private funds (EU funds, World Bank, etc.)
  • Recommendations for decarbonisation plans
  • Best practices
  • Sustainable tourism opportunities

GTI Observatory Structure

Island institutions, companies and associations, academia, international institutions, innovative solution providers, industry associations and other stakeholders from the globe committed to the circular economy of islands will

have the opportunity to take part in on-line meetings, reports, workshops, webinars, etc. to originate projects for the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands.

Island Advisory Board

Representing the key group of island stakeholders: local authorities, business, citizens and academia. It is responsible for addressing the needs from the islands.

Island Scientific Committee
Strategy Advisory Board

Representing the key international scientific organization covering all circular economy sectors. It is responsible for transposing the recommendations on the island needs from the Island Advisory Board

Working Groups

Energy, water, mobility, waste, agriculture, sustainable tourism (policy and finance are internal to each sector).  Each working group is made of Industry associations, R&D Institutes/Academia, Green Island and Corporate Members GTI Observatory. Each working group can create a specific task force to deepen a technology solution or other themes.

Task force

Focused on technology solutions or other themes as decided by the working groups. The task forces are made of members of the working groups interested in the specific themes, Island Members Intermediate and Associate Corporate Members of the GTI Observatory.

Previous GTI Observatory meetings

Since 2018, GTI Observatory has been running a deep dive into islands status and needs, facilitating the origination of projects through meetings in each islands members of the GTI Observatory, hosted by Islands’ Governments, involving all key local stakeholders, corporate and industry associations members. Since then we have organised meetings in Minorca (Spain), Rome (Italy), Helgoland (Germany), Crete (Greece), Favignana (Italy) and Palermo (Italy).

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Island Members

Egadi Arcipelago Municipality of Favignana (Italy)
Egadi Arcipelago Municipality of Favignana

Corporate Members

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