Are you committed to become a green island?

Join the GTI Observatory as an

Island member - Entry

⇒ Fee: Free of charge


Grouping islands with similar needs
Replying to a questionnaire the island member will be grouped with other islands with similar needs to join forces in finding solutions and sharing best practices.

Logo in the membership area of the website and in the GTI communication. Opportunity to be selected by the Strategy Scientific Committee to be part of GTI Observatory Task Forces and/or GTI e_Convention workshops as speaker or panelist. Presence in the regional booth in GTI e_Convention exhibition area.

GTI reserved area
Reserved area of the GTI portal where to find information related to policies, legislation and innovative solutions for islands on water, energy, waste and mobility sectors.

Free tickets to a number of webinars on the most suitable circular economy solutions for islands.

Island member - Intermediate

Joining the GTI Observatory as an island member means to be part of a global network of islands committed to become zero-emission, have access to webinars on the most innovative island solutions, misure the level of sustainability of your island and receive feedbacks and recommendations on what policies and projects should implemented in your island to accelerate the sustainable development.

Fee: € 900 – € 3.000 based on n° inhabitants


Access to all the Island Members – Entry benefits, plus:

GTI Observatory Global Index:
Processing and analyzing the data transmitted by the island, will measure its degree of sustainability, assessing not only the CO2 level but also projects already built and in the pipeline.

Island Report
Score for each individual sector, total score, strengths, weaknesses where to intervene to improve the scores and recommendations.

2 hours’ video-call where to discuss the Island Report with the GTI Senior Specialists.

Promotion as sustainable tourist destination
Island Members will have a profile on the GTI website and will be promoted as a green destination for a tourism oriented to sustainability through all GTI communication channels.

An on-line helpdesk for Q&A complements the on-line training and consultancy sessions.

Green Island member

As Green Island Member, you will receive a much deeper support by senior GTI specialists to originate and develop projects, benchmarking with other islands of the world in a similar contest, access to finance private and public opportunities, recommendations of actions for the local population and enterprises and promotion of your island as a green destination for a tourism oriented to sustainability.

Fee: starting from € 30.000 based on n° inhabitants


Access to all above benefits, plus a deeper level of support from GTI that includes: a dedicated on-line technical sessions (energy, water, mobility and waste) with GTI senior specialists addressed to local task forces, identification and

feasibility analysis of potential projects appropriate for the island, tailored proposals by innovative solution providers from all over the world, financing opportunities and business models.

Main steps of the Green Island Membership:


1.   Agreement with the island government to cooperate in the GTI Observatory;

2.   Creation of a local task force/scientific committee for the island;

3.   Compilation of the questionnaire (which qualifies the island to take part in the Global Index);

4.   Elaborating the answers to the questionnaire with first ideas of potential solutions/projects;

5.   Workshop with local stakeholders hosted by the local government;

6.   Minutes/report with the results of the meeting with the identification of priorities and potential projects/initiatives to decarbonise the island;


7.   Call for proposals/solutions to the innovation & solution providers, research centres, universities, etc.;

8.   Selection of the best proposals by the task force;

9.   Event for presentations of the best solutions and discussion;

10. Final report to be utilised for lobbying and to attract investments;

11. Evaluation of the financing opportunities: meeting with potential investors & participation in calls from institutions.

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